Label-free molecular diagnosis and biosensor: Introducing PhOCCS technology

6 Février 2017 , Rédigé par JW

Label-free molecular biosensors featuring a high sensitivity together a simple manipulation and low operation costs remain a major technological challenge. We introduce a novel technique for high sensitivity specific DNA sensing in a single step homogeneous solution phase in our recent open access article Single-Step DNA Detection Assay Monitoring Dual Color Light Scattering from Individual Metal Nanoparticles Aggregates. Our groundbreaking technology features several distinctive advantages: it is fast, simple and accurate.

Learn more about the PhOCCS technology on our institutional webpage and in pdf presentation slides.


- The dual-color scattering analysis allows to reach a sub picomolar sensitivity and is 10x more sensitive than a single-color counterpart. It also enables to maintain a concentration of probe nanoparticles high enough to reach fast read-out kinetics in a single mixing step.

- Our technique is demonstrated to be sensitive and specific enough to detect single nucleotide deletion and mismatch, even for recognition sequences that are twice longer than typically used in this field.

Label-free molecular diagnosis and biosensor: Introducing PhOCCS technology
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