4th Summer School On Plasmonics SSOP4, Sept. 2017, Porquerolles

18 Mai 2017 , Rédigé par JW

Submissions and registrations for the 4th Summer School On Plasmonics (SSOP4) are now open. The school will be held on September 3-8, 2017, in Porquerolles, one of the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean sea. Please find more information at http:www.fresnel.fr/ssop4/

Lectures and tutorials presented by international specialists on plasmonics will cover the following topics:
- Resonant Light scattering by nanoparticles
- Interaction forces between plasmonic nanoparticles
- Hyperbolic Metamaterials, Metasurfaces
- Purcell factor, single photon sources, FRET, fluorescence, strong coupling
- NSOM microscopy
- Spectral filters
- DNA nanotechnologies, plasmonic sensors
- Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
- Nanofabrication technologies,Ellipsometry and polarimetry

Key arguments for your supervisor: rare advanced lectures on modern plasmonics + excellent quality of invited lecturers +  excellent value for the money, the registration fee covers all accomodation & food expenses.


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