Book chapter: fluorescence spectroscopy enhancement on photonic nanoantennas

26 Janvier 2018 , Rédigé par JW

I have recently released a brief introduction to the key concepts for understanding the phenomenon of fluorescence enhancement with optical nanostructures. This document should be a chapter of a book “Plasmonics in Chemistry and Biology” edited by Nordin Felidj and Marc Lamy de la Chapelle, Pan Stanford Editions, and is already available on arXiv. It also provides a brief review of different approaches to enhance single molecule fluorescence with plasmonic and non-plasmonic nanoantennas. Lastly, it describes three main biochemical applications opened by this technique.

This book chapter is an introduction designed for students for master degree or just starting their PhD. The main novelty is figure 2 representing the figure of merit for fluorescence enhancement as a function of the publication year for different experimental results. For more advanced readers, I recommend instead the excellent review on single photon sources with nanoantennas by Femius Koenderink.


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