New paper: High-resolution multimodal flexible coherent Raman endoscope

22 Mars 2018 , Rédigé par JW

Coherent Raman imaging is a label free technique featuring chemical sensitivity that has a great potential for direct cancer cell imaging. However high-resolution, high contrast coherent Raman images have so far been restricted to table-top microscopes. In a recent publication in Light Science & Applications, High-resolution multimodal flexible coherent Raman endoscope, we bridge the microscope / endoscope gap and achieve high-resolution multimodal (CARS, SHG, 2-photon) imaging of fresh human tissue with a small flexible endoscope. Our design uses a unique combination of innovations including a double-clad hollow-core fiber with a Kagomé lattice, a microsphere focusing and a resonant miniature piezo scanner. This combination of features is dedicated to solve most of the issues raised in nonlinear endoscopy and is compatible with a broad range of multi-beam nonlinear contrasts.

Also freely available on arXiv.


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