Fluorescence lifetime measurements with PicoQuant systems

24 Juillet 2009 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Recent research work

My team is conducting a partnership with PicoQuant GmbH for fluorescence lifetime measurements with time-correlated single photon counting.


As a brief summary, we operate the following PicoQuant devices :

- LDH-P-635 picosecond laser diode working at 636 nm (special spectral selection has been set for free) + Laser diode driver SEPIA-II-SLM828

- Micro Photon Devices MPD-5CTC fast avalanche photodiode, with timing jitter about 50 ps and active area 50 μm

- PicoHarp 300 fast TCSPC module (resolution per channel 4 ps)


Overall, the best temporal resolution of our setup is 120 ps FWHM. We’re pretty pleased with that materials.


Once you get accustomed to TCSPC concepts (which may be a bit tricky at the beginning), the use of PicoQuant systems is very intuitive and efficient.


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