Workshop : Plasmonics in biology and medicine

22 Octobre 2007 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Nanophotonics pick

I’ll attend (and give a talk) at the next workshop on plasmonics in biology and medicine, to be held on  Friday December 14th 2007 at ESPCI, 10 rue vauquelin 75005, Paris

Visit the website :

Registration is free !!!

Because of their unique optical properties, the use of plasmons is getting more and more important for biological and medical research. These applications include the use of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to measure bioaffinity reactions, tailoring fluorescence properties and the use of metal colloids as new light-scattering probes fro imaging or phototherapy. 

The goal of this workshop is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for state-of-the-art methods and instrumentation related the new research area of plasmonics and related nanosystems and their applications in biology and medicine. A poster session will complete the lectures and allows everyone to exchange their ideas on plasmonic.

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