Job offers Nanophotonics

4 Novembre 2011 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Fancy lab

PhD and postdoc positions in both experimental and theoretical nano-optics are still open. Full info on the different projects and application procedure, click here.

Key benefits from Fresnel - Marseille:

* ambitious innovative research, projects were selected by most prestigious national and european grants.

* state-of-the-art equipment resources & know-how

* close mentorship from a senior CNRS researcher (does very little university teaching, so is more available in the lab).

* long-term career visibility, all contracts have several years duration and can be renewed.

* full social advantages (vacations, health, ...) from being employed by French CNRS

* South France quality of life: city, see, mountains & food :o)

The selection procedure will be ambitious: "excellence is the sole criterion".

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