NanoBioPhotonics Conferences selection 2011

31 Janvier 2011 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Nanophotonics pick

Here is a quick list of conferences where my group's work will be presented. It also provides a short selection of European conferences on nano-bio-photonics, check the weblinks:

- March 14th: invited seminar at FOM-AMOLF, Amsterdam

- March 17th: "Antennas and near-field electromagnetics" workshop of the GdR Ondes, Paris

- May 16th-20th: invited course at the "Nano-objects and interfaces" NOIS 2011 topical CNRS school, Anglet

- May 19th-21st: "Molecular Plasmonics" conference, Jena

- May 23rd-26th: CLEO-EQEC Europe conference, Munich

- July 04th-07th: invited talk at "Coloq'12 Lasers and quantum optics colloqium", Marseille

- September 07th-09th: "Single molecule spectroscopy workshop", Berlin

- October 03rd-07th: invited talk at "Summer School on Plasmonics II SSOP2", Porquerolles


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