Nanophotonics job updates

31 Janvier 2012 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Nanophotonics pick

In late 2012, several job offers in nano-optics and biophotonics were posted. See the call webpage here. Several positions have been filled now, I am delighted to welcome new young scientists in the coming weeks.


Positions still open:

PhD position NanoVista : Nanophotonics inside CMOS biosensors

Contractual researcher ExtendFRET : Förster resonance energy transfer & surface chemistry

Key benefits from Fresnel - Marseille:

* ambitious innovative research, projects were selected by most prestigious national and european grants.

* state-of-the-art equipment resources & know-how

* close mentorship from a senior CNRS researcher

* long-term career visibility, contracts have several years duration

* full social advantages from being employed by French CNRS

* South France quality of life: sun, see, mountains & food


Positions filled:

DONE PhD ExtendFRET : Extended fluorescence energy transfer with nanophotonics

DONE PhD Twins : Theoretical / numerical research in plasmonics and optical antennas

DONE PostDoc ExtendFRET : Plasmonic circuits design & simulations

DONE PostDoc Twins : Design of optical antennas for enhancing light-matter interaction at the nanometer scale

DONE PostDoc NanoVista : Enhanced detection of single fluorescent molecules with plasmonic antennas

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