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Video NanoBioPhotonics Institut Fresnel

25 Janvier 2015 , Rédigé par JW

Watch our new video featuring the nanobiophotonics squad, best enjoyed with maximum resolution and high volume.

The video was realized by Olivier Caquelin Prod, see also his other videos on his youtube account. It was a great pleasure to deal with him.

The big update

23 Janvier 2015 , Rédigé par JW

With the transfer to the new kiwi platform, Overblog almost killed the blog. The transfer was a real mess and all articles in 2006-2012 period have been lost...

I seriously considered shutting down this site and going elsewhere, but at the end, I like the blog concept. It's about... being different.

I hope you'll enjoy the new version.

The big update

Deep is now Doctor Punj

22 Décembre 2014 , Rédigé par JW

Congratulations to Deep Punj for his successful PhD defence and his cum laude award!

Committee: Philip Tinnefeld (president), Sebastien Bidault (reviewer), Cyriaque Genet (reviewer), Sophie Brasselet (member), Herve Rigneault (co-supervisor), Jerome Wenger (supervisor)


Collaborators Maria Garcia Parajo and Romain Quidant video interviews

2 Décembre 2014 , Rédigé par JW







Where is Niek? I want Niek!

Raju Regmi as new PhD student

25 Novembre 2014 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Fancy lab

Raju Regmi (Nepal) is joining the group. He will do a PhD between Fresnel and ICFO on photonic nanoantennas to enhance the detection of fluorescent molecules.