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Coming soon: the corollary

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Quite dusty days...


News & Views: Breaking the concentration barrier

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In the July issue of Nature Nanotechnology, read the News & Views about our recent work by Prof. Philip Tinnefeld.

"The combination of a plasmonic nanoantenna and a nanoaperture has merged fluorescence enhancement and spatial confinement to enable single-molecule detection at biologically relevant concentrations."


Teaser: coming soon!

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Antenna-in-box platform to enhance single molecule detection

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In a collaboration between the Fresnel Institute and ICFO-the Institute for Photonic Sciences, we report in Nature Nanotechnology a novel “antenna-in-box” platform for single molecule fluorescence detection with unprecedented resolutions and sensitivity. The innovative approach combines a plasmonic gap antenna for ultra-high fluorescence enhancement with a metal nanoaperture for optimized background-free operation. It allows for 1100-fold fluorescence brightness enhancement together with detection volumes down to 58 zeptoliters (1 zL = 1e-21L), realizing a gain of four orders of magnitude as compared to classical microscopes. The antenna-in-box offers a highly efficient platform for nanoscale biochemical assays with single molecule sensitivity at physiological conditions.


Read our press release here, and the article in Nature Nanotechnology.



3rd summer school on plasmonics SSOP3

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Submissions and registrations for the 3rd Summer School On Plasmonics are now open. This summer school will bring together international specialists in Plasmonics on one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. Check out the exciting program and the list of invited speakers at

11 courses and 2 tutorials will be presented by international specialists on the following topics:
-Light scattering by metallic particles
-Wood's anomalies
-Limits of diffraction
-Dielectric permittivity of metals
-Nonlocal and quantum effects
-Non-linear plasmonics
-Quantum Plasmonics and Magnetic Metafluids
-3D optical metamaterials and transformation optics
-Optical spectroscopy of metal nanoparticles
-Molecular plasmonics