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NanoVista project: photonic antennas for biology

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One of the ultimate challenges in biology is to understand the relationship between the structure, function and dynamics of biomolecules in their natural environment: the living cell. The goal of NANO-VISTA is to exploit novel concepts of photonic antennas to develop a new generation of bionanophotonic tools for ultrasensitive detection, nanoimaging and nanospectroscopy of biomolecules, both in-vitro and in living cells.The NANO-VISTA project, started on November 2011 is funded by the European Commission’s 7th research Framework programme. See the official NanoVista website.


Jerome Wenger is awarded the Branly Prize 2011

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The Branly prize is designed in memory of Edouard Branly to highlight a young researcher working on waves and their applications. It is currently managed by the Edouard Branly association, the French Society of Physics SFP, the French Society of Optics SFO, and the French Society of Electricity and Electronics SEE grouped into the consortium of scientific societies F2S. More details on this webpage.


Job offers Nanophotonics

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PhD and postdoc positions in both experimental and theoretical nano-optics are still open. Full info on the different projects and application procedure, click here.

Key benefits from Fresnel - Marseille:

* ambitious innovative research, projects were selected by most prestigious national and european grants.

* state-of-the-art equipment resources & know-how

* close mentorship from a senior CNRS researcher (does very little university teaching, so is more available in the lab).

* long-term career visibility, all contracts have several years duration and can be renewed.

* full social advantages (vacations, health, ...) from being employed by French CNRS

* South France quality of life: city, see, mountains & food :o)

The selection procedure will be ambitious: "excellence is the sole criterion".

Several PhD & PostDoc Positions Nano-Opics

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The Institut Fresnel is a research state laboratory based in Marseille / France, devoted to research and higher education in all areas of optical and photonic sciences. The Institut Fresnel is seeking to recruit talented, enthusiastic young scientists who are highly motivated to boost their research career in the areas of nano-optics and/or biophotonics. See the general call webpage here.

DONE - POSITION FILLED PhD ExtendFRET : Extended fluorescence energy transfer with nanophotonics


DONE - POSITION FILLED PhD Twins : Theoretical / numerical research in plasmonics and optical antennas

STILL OPEN PhD NanoVista : Nanophotonics inside CMOS biosensors


DONE - POSITION FILLED PostDoc ExtendFRET : Plasmonic circuits design & simulations


DONE - POSITION FILLED PostDoc Twins : Design of optical antennas for enhancing light-matter interaction at the nanometer scale


DONE - POSITION FILLED PostDoc NanoVista : Enhanced detection of single fluorescent molecules with plasmonic antennas

STILL OPEN PostDoc / Contractual Researcher ExtendFRET : Förster resonance energy transfer & surface chemistry

Charting a course for a (successful?) research career

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Found that e-book free online, might be of interest for PhD students / young postdocs:

Charting a Course for a Successful Research Career - 2nd edition by Prof. Alan M Johnson
As researchers operate in a progressively competitive research environment, with grant applications increasing, funding opportunities decreasing, and funding bodies tightening the reins around their requirements and expected outcomes - early career researchers are often at a disadvantage when applying for grants. In this helpful guide, Professor Alan M Johnson, steers early career researchers through the potential pitfalls and opportunities when planning for a successful research career.