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28 Novembre 2008 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Nanophotonics pick

December 1st, Marseille : 5th BCP meeting


December 15th, Lyon : GdR Ondes meeting

Science festival demonstrations

28 Novembre 2008 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Fancy lab

Back from last week’s science festival in downtown Marseille, where we had a quite nice success in presenting optics.


The photos can be seen at :

Mosaic Group Picture

21 Octobre 2008 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Fancy lab

Fluorescence image of a live cell under ultrashort laser light focused by a latex microsphere

Latest paper : single molecule fluorescence close to microspheres

1 Octobre 2008 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Recent research work

Published in September 15th issue of Optics Express :

It’s the first experimental and theoretical report of a new effect : the 3-axis subwavelength confinement of light by a high refractive index microsphere. Freely available for download !

Abstract: Latex microspheres are used as a simple and low-cost means to achieve three axis electromagnetic confinement below the standard diffraction limit. We demonstrate their use to enhance the fluorescence fluctuation detection of single molecules. Compared to confocal microscopy with high numerical aperture, we monitor a detection volume reduction of one order of magnitude below the diffraction limit together with a 5-fold gain in the fluorescence rate per molecule. This offers new opportunities for a broad range of applications in biophotonics, plasmonics, optical data storage and ultramicroscopy.

Next conference : European Optical Society Annual Meeting

24 Septembre 2008 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Nanophotonics pick

Paris September 29th – October 2nd, several talks related to my work are planned :

  • 09/29 TOM1 12:50 : J. Wenger et al  “Dielectric microspheres to enhance single molecule fluorescence detection”
  • 10/01 TOM4 13:50 : P. Ferrand et al  “Direct observation of photonic nanojets”
  • 10/01 TOM3 16:45 : P. Schoen et al  “Nonlinear SHG enhancement in isolated metal nanoapertures”
  • 10/01 TOM4 16:45 : A. Devilez et al  “Beaming light with a single dielectric microsphere”
  • Poster TOM4 677 : D. Gérard et al  “Single-molecule fluorescence in subwavelength apertures: enhanced emission and photokinetics alteration”


More at :