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Latest paper : nanoaperture enhanced fluorescence for fast FCS analysis

28 Janvier 2009 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Recent research work

Published in January 15th issue of Analytical Chemistry :


The manuscript presents a thorough study of the signal-to-noise improvement in Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) measurements within a nanoaperture. We believe that this will enable a large variety of new applications of FCS. The paper demonstrates a 10x quality improvement of FCS measurements when using nanoapertures. The graph below shows the quality enhancement of correlation curves for fluorescence molecules in open solution or inside a gold nanoaperture :

Happy winter break with Les Wampas !!!

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Tribute to Les Wampas :

Plasmonics Summer School 2009

22 Décembre 2008 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Nanophotonics pick

This is a project for a summer school devoted to the foundations and applications of plasmonics, to be held on the island of Porquerolles (France) from September 13th to September 17th. We’re hoping to get a bunch of brilliant speakers for the lessons.


More info at !!


For interested people, please contact me or Nicolas Bonod at the Fresnel Institute.

Press : Getting good results at a bargain basement price

22 Décembre 2008 , Rédigé par JW Publié dans #Recent research work

Biophotonics International speaks about our research ! See the full article at :