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No virus will stop the ERC

14 Mars 2020 , Rédigé par JW

Organic chemistry is gaining an increasing interest in the optics lab these days. According to WHO, here is a simple hanrub sanitizer recipe:

For a 1L solution, mix 833mL ethanol 96%, 4.2mL hydrogen peroxide 30%, 1.5mL glycerol and 161mL pure water. Shake well, avoid eye contact and do not even think of drinking it.


Even viruses have nightmares. So wash your hands and get results before he finds you...smiley


Adhesion Layer Influence on Controlling the Local Temperature in Plasmonic Gold Nanoholes

13 Mars 2020 , Rédigé par JW

Adhesion layers of chromium or titanium are widely used in plasmonics to ensure a proper adhesion between a gold film and a glass substrate. However, very little is known about their influence on the thermal response. As a result, the adhesion layer is often ignored while designing the experiments.

In a recent article published in Nanoscale, we demonstrate both experimentally and numerically that the adhesion layer can have a major impact on the thermal response of plasmonic structures.


- We quantify the role of the adhesion layer in setting the local temperature around a single nanostructure milled in a gold film.  

- We show how to promote or avoid the temperature increase using different experimental designs. This further expands the plasmonic toolbox for heat-controlled experiments.

Also available (soon after the #!;/%# embargo) on HAL 02461519


Reproducing Fresnel-Arago experiment to illustrate the main concepts of physical optics

20 Février 2020 , Rédigé par JW

Following our video series on Fresnel-Arago experiment's modern version, we have relased an arXiv paper describing how to mount the setup, prepare the sample and perform a selection of experiments

Many concepts of physical optics can be visually illustrated on a relatively simple optical setup in a table-top format, not requiring any very specific equipment. Diffraction, interferences, speckle, image formation, Fourier optics, strioscopy are among the many themes to be shown using this demonstration system.


Fresnel diffraction experiment 1/7: official trailer

24 Janvier 2020 , Rédigé par JW

Is there light in the center of a shadow from a black disk? What is the shadow of a hole milled in an opaque screen? Can adding light to light create darkness?

The Institut Fresnel releases a series of short videos answering various questions about light and optics, providing an illustration of physical optics concepts such as diffraction, interferences, imaging and microscopy.

See our official trailer below (sounds very pro like that). More videos on the Institut Fresnel youtube channel.

Bicentenary of Fresnel wave diffraction theory

6 Janvier 2020 , Rédigé par JW

Institut Fresnel is organizing a special day to celebrate this anniversary:


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