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CMOS-compatible all-dielectric metalens for improving pixel photodetector arrays

14 Décembre 2020 , Rédigé par JW

The ability to design light concentrators directly integrated on a chip is an issue in many applications of optics. Published recently in APL Photonics, we have developed a CMOS compatible metasurface lens based on the index profiles derived from the Maxwell fish-eye distribution. Based on this rational physics-driven design, we fabricate and characterize the optical performance of the metalens, achieving tight submicron focusing in excellent agreement with numerical simulations.

An important point to note is that the design which is not based on resonant elements allows a large spectral bandwidth to be obtained. It is scalable, can be readily implemented and is robust to minor fabrication deficiencies.


Reproducing the Fresnel-Arago experiment to illustrate physical optics

14 Décembre 2020 , Rédigé par JW

Now published in Photoniques, the journal of the French Optical Society, international (english) edition: Is there a bright spot in the shadow of an opaque disk? Nearly 200 years ago, Augustin Fresnel and François Arago’s remarkable answer to this question validated the wave theory of light and inaugurated the modern theories of diffraction. Today, their renowned experiment can be easily reproduced using lasers and cameras. Far beyond its historical interest, the experiment is a versatile platform to illustrate the main concepts of optical physics, including diffraction, interference, speckle, and Fourier optics.

See also our series of videos on the youtube channel of Institut Fresnel.


Prithu Roy is joining the ERC team

22 Octobre 2020 , Rédigé par JW

Since October, we welcome Prithu Roy as new PhD applicant in our group. Looking forward to exploring the nanoworld in UV!


Nanophotonics in the kitchen

7 Octobre 2020 , Rédigé par JW

Resonant nanophotonics + gap antenna + microwave electromagnetism + filmed by my daughter + captain Harlock soundtrack + in my kitchen = blows my mind 🤩🤩🤩

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