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OMNT annual meeting 2011

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My colleague Renaud Bachelot will give a seminar on plasmonic nanosources of light during the next annual meeting of the French Observatory of Micro and Nano Technologies OMNT.

If you have the opportunity to attend to this series of seminars, don't miss it. The general quality is very high, and I'm sure Renaud will do an excellent job. Inscriptions go here.

Training project / Internship / PhD position nanophotonics

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Currenly open is a position for undergraduate internship training project working on nanophotonics for advanced fluorescence sensing and single molecule detection. More details are given here.

Relevant candidates have a physics, biophysics or engineering background, with a strong motivation and willingness to join a multidisciplinary international team.

The position can be continued as PhD project, conditionnal to the succesful application for a PhD grant.

According to national rules, undergraduate trainees will be supported by a monthly grant of 398,13 € (only valid or training periods longer than two months).

Cool video: iso-microscopy

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Isotropic single-objective microscopy (ISO-microscopy) is a novel method developed by colleagues at the Fresnel Institute to overcome the limits set by diffraction in optical microscopy. With ISO-microscopy, light is focused into an isotropic spherical spot of about one wavelength dimension.


Watch this video to learn how ISO-microscopy works !



Marseille science festival 2010

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JMC12 : nanophotonics nano-symposium

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The programme for the "minicolloque" #8 on the photonic properties of nano-objects is available. Check the conference website or see the images below.


JMC12 mc8aJMC12_mc8b.JPGJMC12

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