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  • SPP3 conference June 2007

    01 mars 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    I will attend to the next SPP meeting to be held in Dijon ( France ) next June. In an oral contribution, I shall present our recent results towards the application of nanometric apertures in a gold film to biophotonics applications. Link to SPP3 meeting...

  • Now reading...

    27 avril 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    After the Born & Wolf “Principles of Optics”, here is the “Principles of Nano-optics”, a very well-written textbook reviewing many aspects of nanophotonics by Lukas Novotny and Bert Hecht. Highly recommended !! Click here to read the table of contents...

  • Next meeting : BCP Marseille Dec 03rd

    22 novembre 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    Scientific meeting of Marseille’s community of biologists, chemists and physicists. The webpage is somehow difficult to find so here a direct link :

  • Dark Side of the Lab

    12 janvier 2007 ( #Fancy lab )

    Some other views of the experimental setup, but in the dark ! Laser powers are about 10mW, camera integration time is 3s.

  • Introducing Emeline Wenger-Lehnert

    03 avril 2007 ( #Fancy lab )

    I’ve been quite away from the blog (and the lab!) during the last few days… My daughter Emeline was born March 17th. She’s discovering pretty well her new world, as I am learning my new job of being father.

  • SPP3 conference (off)

    25 juin 2007 ( #Fancy lab )

    When wine tasting meets plasmonics…

  • Summer time

    07 septembre 2007 ( #Fancy lab )

    OK, nothing really new on this blog for quite a while… Ah, summer time, “perfect-time-to-get-research-done”, and so few new findings by the end of it. At least, I perfected my knowledge about the carrying babies stuff, and increased by left forearm muscles...

  • First book on diffraction

    07 janvier 2008 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    World’s first published studies on optical diffraction dating back to 1664, where the word “diffraction” itself was introduced for the first time. The original text is downloadable for free at the French National Library website

  • Mosaic Fellows

    14 mars 2008 ( #Fancy lab )

    Some pics of Mosaic colleagues in action ! Dr. Hervé Rigneault Dr. Pierre-François Lenne Dr. Patrick Ferrand

  • Academic Pride

    13 mai 2008 ( #Fancy lab ) Very interesting : this skinny forearm bears strong ressemblance to mine...

  • Photonics Spectra highlights the observation of nanojets

    26 août 2008 ( #Recent research work )

    See the paper by Lynn Savage in the July issue on the recent work of “Patrick Ferrand and colleagues at the Fresnel Institute” :

  • France / CNRS ranking

    12 septembre 2008 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    Back to the source… Taken from ISI Web of Knowledge , here are the latest ranking for France and CNRS in physics. If we just compare the total number of papers published, the froggies are not performing too bad, contrarily to what our government seems...

  • Mosaic Group Picture

    21 octobre 2008 ( #Fancy lab )

    Fluorescence image of a live cell under ultrashort laser light focused by a latex microsphere

  • Science festival demonstrations

    28 novembre 2008 ( #Fancy lab )

    Back from last week’s science festival in downtown Marseille, where we had a quite nice success in presenting optics. The photos can be seen at :

  • Press : Getting good results at a bargain basement price

    22 décembre 2008 ( #Recent research work )

    Biophotonics International speaks about our research ! See the full article at :

  • Happy winter break with Les Wampas !!!

    22 décembre 2008 ( #Fancy lab )

    Tribute to Les Wampas :

  • Sauvons le CNRS

    27 janvier 2009 ( #Fancy lab )

  • L'université s'arrête

    30 janvier 2009 ( #Fancy lab )

    Lire l'appel ici

  • Just block it : Yes we can !

    05 février 2009 ( #Fancy lab )

    As decided by a large majority of university staff and students, the campus on St Jerome will be blocked one day per week, starting Monday Feb 09. This shall last as long as the government does not give any answer to our claims concerning status, CNRS...

  • 11 weeks after…

    17 avril 2009 ( #Fancy lab )

    Still nothing concrete. That’s not really surprising, the thing that amazes me is that the movement is still alive. See the excellent work of Sylvestre Huet on his blog :

  • 12th Carl Zeiss sponsored workshop on FCS

    11 mai 2009 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    We are pleased to organize the next Carl Zeiss sponsored workshop on fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and related methods. The workshop will take place at Cargese (Corsica, France) from October 12th – 16th 2009. Check the workshop website for more...

  • MOSAIC webpage updated

    08 juin 2009 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    Check out our new MOSAIC group webpage, numerous new materials have been added & updated. >>>

  • Photonic nanojets highlighted

    15 juin 2009 ( #Recent research work )

    The CNRS Institute of Information and Engineering Sciences and Technologies (INST2I) has highlighted our recent work on photonic nanojets and their use for single molecule detection. Read more (sorry French only) at :

  • Advertisement on blog

    21 octobre 2009 ( #Recent research work )

    [Edit] So just posting again was enough to remove these nasty ads floating around on my blog. Sorry for that inconvenience, and also for not posting during a while. I was quite busy with some kind of scientific Euromillion for young researchers

  • Summer School on Plasmonics 2009

    28 octobre 2009 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    The summer school on plasmonics (SSOP 2009) was held during September 13th-17th on Porquerolles Island. Thanks to all 123 participants for having made this school a very stimulating scientific event. The lectures given there are now posted on the SSOP...

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