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  • Tips for writing an ERC proposal

    02 février 2016

    The most complete set of advice is found on Prof. Andreas Zeller's excellent post. Additionally, the EPFL research office has released a very useful pdf document to help during ERC proposal writing. Both highly recommended!

  • New website for Institut Fresnel

    12 mai 2016

    The new website for Institut Fresnel has just been released: We are still working on writing some parts, so apologies for any inconvenience. Hope you will enjoy this version.

  • NanoRodzzz

    30 octobre 2015

    Custom design for PHOCCS ERC project. Made @ Fresnel.

  • Johann Berthelot joins the ERC team

    06 novembre 2015

    Since the beginning of November, Johann Berthelot (formerly at ICFO in Romain Quidant's group) has joined the team to work on the ERC ExtendFRET project and develop new optical read-out for enhanced molecular energy transfer.

  • Next conference : Gordon's GRC Plasmonics

    21 mai 2010 ( #Recent research work )

    Meet me at this conference : Plasmonics / The Science And Engineering Of Nanoscale Optics, June 13-18, 2010 Colby College, Waterville, ME.

  • Summer time

    07 septembre 2007 ( #Fancy lab )

    OK, nothing really new on this blog for quite a while… Ah, summer time, “perfect-time-to-get-research-done”, and so few new findings by the end of it. At least, I perfected my knowledge about the carrying babies stuff, and increased by left forearm muscles...

  • First book on diffraction

    07 janvier 2008 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    World’s first published studies on optical diffraction dating back to 1664, where the word “diffraction” itself was introduced for the first time. The original text is downloadable for free at the French National Library website

  • Still in the lab ? Enjoy the Nano Girls clip !

    19 juillet 2010 ( #Fancy lab )

    This is going to be THE summer hit ! You may share/leave a comment via the link on ACS nanotation. I also found this video illustration for this fantastic pick up line: "You look like a Sigma-Aldrich girl".

  • Over 10,000 visits !

    15 février 2010 ( #Fancy lab )

    During its three-years existence, this blog has received over 10,000 visits, more than 26,000 pages have been viewed. I'm not sure that anybody got an answer to his/her questions; at least, people reading this blog will get some idea about what I spend...

  • Press : Getting good results at a bargain basement price

    22 décembre 2008 ( #Recent research work )

    Biophotonics International speaks about our research ! See the full article at :

  • Satish Moparthi joins the ERC team

    02 octobre 2012 ( #Fancy lab )

    It's a great pleasure to welcome our new colleague Satish. We're going to learn how chemistry can be as cool as photonics!

  • Sauvons le CNRS

    27 janvier 2009 ( #Fancy lab )

  • Mosaic Fellows

    14 mars 2008 ( #Fancy lab )

    Some pics of Mosaic colleagues in action ! Dr. Hervé Rigneault Dr. Pierre-François Lenne Dr. Patrick Ferrand

  • CNRS INSIS Highlights 2010

    21 avril 2010 ( #Recent research work )

    Our endoscope system to detect and analyse single molecule fluorescence has recently been highlighted by the CNRS Institute for Engineering and Systems Sciences. See the article here. (French only, sorry). Another description (in English) can be found...

  • Optical antennas special journal issue

    23 juin 2011 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    The international journal of optics features a special issue focusing on optical antennas. Read the call for papers here. According to the lead guest editor, already twelve articles are scheduled from major research groups. Deadline for papers 1st se...

  • New Blog Design

    23 août 2011 ( #Fancy lab )

    The ERC Starting Grant selection deserved some updates on my webpages... New blog design, updated links and sponsors, and new logo !

  • SPP3 conference June 2007

    01 mars 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    I will attend to the next SPP meeting to be held in Dijon ( France ) next June. In an oral contribution, I shall present our recent results towards the application of nanometric apertures in a gold film to biophotonics applications. Link to SPP3 meeting...

  • Ecole thématique NOIS2011 "Nano-Objet aux InterfaceS"

    09 mars 2011 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    CNRS colleagues are organizing the next advanced school on nano-objects NOIS 2011(May 16-20 2011, Anglet, France). I will give two lessons on photonics structures for the enhanced detection of nano-ojects. See the official website here. Application deadline:...

  • This month in Micscape

    21 avril 2010 ( #Fancy lab )

    My recent Micscape article focuses on the Wild Heerbrugg M20 microscope's binocular head and its effects on imaging. In my opinion, the M20 is simply the best stand for amateur microscopy, balancing optical quality, cost, and size.

  • Photonics Spectra highlights the observation of nanojets

    26 août 2008 ( #Recent research work )

    See the paper by Lynn Savage in the July issue on the recent work of “Patrick Ferrand and colleagues at the Fresnel Institute” :

  • Introducing Thibault Wenger--Lehnert

    28 août 2010 ( #Fancy lab )

    I'm very glad to announce the birth of my son Thibault on August 24th 2010. He's already a charming person.

  • Science festival demonstrations

    28 novembre 2008 ( #Fancy lab )

    Back from last week’s science festival in downtown Marseille, where we had a quite nice success in presenting optics. The photos can be seen at :

  • France / CNRS ranking

    12 septembre 2008 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    Back to the source… Taken from ISI Web of Knowledge , here are the latest ranking for France and CNRS in physics. If we just compare the total number of papers published, the froggies are not performing too bad, contrarily to what our government seems...

  • Mosaic Group Picture

    21 octobre 2008 ( #Fancy lab )

    Fluorescence image of a live cell under ultrashort laser light focused by a latex microsphere

  • L'université s'arrête

    30 janvier 2009 ( #Fancy lab )

    Lire l'appel ici

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