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  • Raju Regmi as new PhD student

    25 novembre 2014 ( #Fancy lab )

    Raju Regmi (Nepal) is joining the group. He will do a PhD between Fresnel and ICFO on photonic nanoantennas to enhance the detection of fluorescent molecules.

  • Science festival 2012

    15 octobre 2012 ( #Fancy lab )

    Petru and Jerome made the show during Marseille's science festival 2012. About 400 people could discover several optics experiments: seeing stress in plastics origin of the blue color of butterfly wings the schweppes luminescence high rate internet with...

  • Summer School on Plasmonics Porquerolles SSOP 2

    23 mai 2011 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    The deadline is approaching: before May 30th. Don't miss this opportunity! Key arguments for your supervisor: excellent quality of invited lecturers + excellent value for the money, the registration fees cover all accomodation & food living expenses....

  • Just block it : Yes we can !

    05 février 2009 ( #Fancy lab )

    As decided by a large majority of university staff and students, the campus on St Jerome will be blocked one day per week, starting Monday Feb 09. This shall last as long as the government does not give any answer to our claims concerning status, CNRS...

  • 12th Carl Zeiss workshop on FCS

    02 novembre 2009 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    The workshop on FCS and related methods was held during October 12th-16th at Cargese (Corsica). Thanks to all 68 attendees for making it an active workshop. Pictures and final abstract book are available through the website

  • You know what? JW is ACS-certified!

    30 janvier 2012 ( #Fancy lab )

    There were ISO900X, CE compliance, now there is "ACS certification". I got that "diploma" in my mailbox yesterday, as many of my peers I presume... Waoooooouh

  • JMC12 : nanophotonics nano-symposium

    19 mars 2010 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    During the next national conference on condensed matter, I will be co-organizer of a "mini-colloque" devoted to nano-optics. See the conference webpage, and the mini-colloque n°8.

  • Petru Ghenuche and Victor Grigoriev join the team

    18 juin 2012 ( #Fancy lab )

    Since the beginning of June, we welcome Petru Ghenuche (Romania) and Victor Grigoriev (Belarus). Both join as postdoc researchers on the ERC project. Petru will work on experimental nanophotonics and Victor will focus on theoretical and numerical sim...

  • Summer School on Plasmonics 2009

    28 octobre 2009 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    The summer school on plasmonics (SSOP 2009) was held during September 13th-17th on Porquerolles Island. Thanks to all 123 participants for having made this school a very stimulating scientific event. The lectures given there are now posted on the SSOP...

  • Advertisement on blog

    21 octobre 2009 ( #Recent research work )

    [Edit] So just posting again was enough to remove these nasty ads floating around on my blog. Sorry for that inconvenience, and also for not posting during a while. I was quite busy with some kind of scientific Euromillion for young researchers

  • Mosaic website updated

    28 août 2012 ( #Recent research work )

    Several webpages regarding recent research projects have been updated, see the links below or on the left column: - Nanoantenna enhanced fluorescence - Plasmonic controlled emission - Photonic crystal fiber probes

  • Trendy this Fall: French hand-made beanies from Katikoo

    02 septembre 2012 ( #Fancy lab )

    Guess who's beyond these lovely bonnets péruviens pour bébé et enfant en coton ?

  • 11 weeks after…

    17 avril 2009 ( #Fancy lab )

    Still nothing concrete. That’s not really surprising, the thing that amazes me is that the movement is still alive. See the excellent work of Sylvestre Huet on his blog :

  • Juan de Torres joins the ERC team

    05 octobre 2013 ( #Fancy lab )

    Juan de Torres (Spain) has joined the ERC ExtendFRET team since the beginning of September. After a successful master on dynamic light microscopy at the Fresnel Institute last July, Juan is starting his PhD on experimental nanophotonics.

  • Heykel Aouani is Doctor Aouani

    09 septembre 2011 ( #Fancy lab )

    Heykel obtained his PhD yesterday with honours. Congratulations ! The final manuscript can be downloaded here. From left to right: Herve Rigneault, Emmanuel Fort, Romain Quidant, Xavier Letartre, Heykel Aouani, Alexandre Bouhelier, Jerome Wenger

  • Best poster prize to Petru Ghenuche

    27 juin 2014 ( #Fancy lab )

    Congratulations to Petru for winning the best poster prize at the C'Nano PACA Scientific Days 2014!

  • Welcoming Laëtitia Le Guay

    21 mars 2012 ( #Fancy lab )

    Since the beginning of March, we have the pleasure to work with our new staff member Laëtitia Le Guay. She will be in charge of all administratives issues related to the ERC ExtendFRET and NanoVista projects.

  • Beating the 1,000 citations level

    18 mars 2011 ( #Fancy lab )

    A little of self-satisfaction won't hurt... Thanks to all colleagues who found part of my work of interest to their research. Check the items on the left column for latest research results and publications for download (more science to follow on this...

  • PhD thesis award Aix Marseille Universite

    12 octobre 2012 ( #Fancy lab )

    Former co-worker Heykel Aouani has been awarded the 2012 PhD thesis prize of Aix Marseille University, which is ranked #4 among French universities according to Shanghai academic ranking. Congratulations Heykel !

  • Prof. Smith is my mentor

    04 mai 2012 ( #Fancy lab )

    Watch the PhD movie online streaming and go back to the lab

  • Summer School on Plasmonics Porquerolles SSOP 2

    23 septembre 2011 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    The SSOPII summer school on plasmonics is approaching ! Check the latest program version, and travel venue information.

  • Nano-Optics PACA Day

    19 mars 2013 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    This one-day symposium will gather the main academic laboratories involved in nano-optics resarch in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur. Registration is free but mandatory by email to merlen[AT]

  • ERC Starting Grant Project Funded !!

    28 juillet 2011 ( #Recent research work )

    Project Name : ExtendFRET = extended FRET with plasmonics Duration 60 months Expected starting date November 2011

  • Indian research in Marseille

    17 février 2012 ( #Fancy lab )

    Deep Punj and Kumar Saurav recently joined the team at the Fresnel Institute. It's a great pleasure for us to welcome them.

  • Jerome Wenger gets HDR clearance

    07 juin 2012 ( #Fancy lab )

    Most relevant information: - Champagne: Pannier Brut Selection (here) - Fruit juices: Alain Milliat (here) - Finger food: Villedieu traiteur (here)

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