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  • Recent publication: nanoantenna FCS to probe biomembranes

    07 février 2018

    Understanding the nanoscale organization of the cell membrane is a topic of high current interest. However, conventional optical microscopes fail to provide the combination of high spatial and temporal resolutions needed. We have recently introduced optical...

  • Single step protein immunoassay in solution phase

    14 septembre 2017

    Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is the workhorse of current immunodetection. However, ELISA demands multiple steps of sample incubation and washing cycles, which makes the whole process time-consuming and labor-intensive. Our new Analyst publication...

  • Job offers Nano Bio Photonics Institut Fresnel Marseille PhD and Postdoc

    15 septembre 2017

    We are seeking to recruit talented, enthusiastic young scientists who are highly motivated to develop their research career in the areas of nanophotonics and/or biophotonics.Three job offers are available, see the details below: PhD fellowship : Optical...

  • Plasmonic nanoantennas investigate lipid rafts on living cell membranes

    20 novembre 2017

    Plasmonic nanoantennas have a high potential to advance biological studies at the nanoscale. However, their use has been almost entirely focused on enhancing the fluorescence signal from individual molecules. In a recent Nano Letters paper entitled “...

  • Sneak preview: picogram protein sensing with PhoCCS 5x better and faster than ELISA

    20 février 2017

    PSA detection in protein buffer solution, here's the match: On the left side: PhOCCS, single mixing step, no washing, 60 min incubation, single readout, 20 pg/mL limit of detection On the right side: ELISA, three washing and rinsing steps, >3h total process...

  • Jerome Wenger is a nominee for the Jean Jerphagnon prize 2016

    30 novembre 2016

    The Jean Jerphagnon prize aims to promote a young researcher with an innovative project of high scientific and/or industrial interest. This year, Jerome went with a project on "label-free molecular biosensor using dual-color photon cross correlation spectroscopy"...

  • Ultrahigh-sensitivity ultralow-noise optical fiber endoscope

    22 mars 2013

    Optical fiber probes are generating a large interest to develop portable fluorescence spectrometers. However, the sensitivity of conventional fibers is severely limited by the high luminescence background generated in the glass and the low collection...

  • Plasmonics and Metamaterials at CLEO/Europe EQEC 2015 Conference

    24 octobre 2014

    Paper submission is open to join the next CLEO/Europe-EQEC conference at Munich in June 2015. The CLEO/Europe-EQEC conference series has a strong tradition as a comprehensive and prestigious gathering of optics and photonics researchers and engineers...

  • Near-field Optics and Nanophotonics conference NFO13

    04 septembre 2014

    Deep Punj is giving a talk at the 13th international conference of Near-field Optics and Nanophotonics NFO13 on nanoantennas for enhanced single molecule fluorescence detection at high concentrations. Our group will also have two posters: - Plasmonic...

  • Fast interaction dynamics of G-quadruplex and RGG-rich peptides unveiled in zero-mode waveguides

    03 janvier 2022

    G-quadruplex structures of DNA are promising target sites for anticancer therapy. However, the interaction of G-quadruplex with proteins remains poorly understood, notably the association and dissociation kinetics. In a recent Nucleic Acid Research publication...

  • Single-molecule Detection of Ultrafast Biomolecular Dynamics with Nanophotonics

    28 janvier 2022

    Proteins can feature ultrafast structural dynamics in the nanosecond timescale which are very challenging to measure using conventional techniques such as single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer (smFRET). So far, the limited fluorescence brightness...

  • Effective summary: seeing the intrinsic emission from a single natural protein with ultraviolet optical antennas

    06 avril 2022

    One of the ultimate goals of molecular biology is to watch how single proteins work in their native state. The current mainstream approach of single molecule fluorescence relies on introducing external fluorescent markers which can lead to severe issues...

  • Happy New Research 2019!

    07 janvier 2019

    I just have one wish: spend more time doing research Uploaded by natalie herring on 2009-08-01.

  • Youtube video: nanophotonic structures to enhance fluorescence spectroscopy

    11 avril 2018

    From the Ecole de Physique des Houches Fluorescence markers for advanced microscopy Jerome Wenger, Marseille

  • Slides: Concentrating Light at the Nanoscale, Plasmonics and Nano-Optics

    10 juillet 2015

    Had a verynice interaction with the audience this morning at the European Summer School on the Physics of Light in Strasbourg. My slides can be found here: Concentrating Light at the Nanoscale, Plasmonics and Nano-Optics

  • New team members

    28 septembre 2015

    Stephanie Vial joins the team to work on the ERC Proof of Concept grant and develop the chemical synthesis and functionalisation for our new biosensing platform. Youri Berrahal joins the team to work on the ERC Proof of Concept grant and develop the optical...

  • ERC Consolidator Project Funded!

    17 novembre 2016

    Thanks to the ERC for empowering the scientists to follow their dreams. Thanks to the panel members for their confidence. Thanks to my colleagues for their support. Freedom is to be true to one’s dreams. We are going to make this vision a scientific...

  • Fabry de Gramont SFO prize awarded to Jerome Wenger

    08 juillet 2015

    From the official terms: "the Fabry - de Gramont award of the French Optical Society acknowledges a young researcher (under 40) internationally recognized and whose research has been noted for its quality and originality". It's a great honour to become...

  • Deep Punj's thesis online

    25 février 2015

    Optical antennas for single molecule fluorescence detection at physiological concentration Free download at tel-01119033v1

  • PhD Thesis Quantum Optics

    22 décembre 2006 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    A copy of my PhD thesis can be downloaded here (supervisor Philippe Grangier). This work aims at exploiting the quantum properties of light in order to develop new communication devices. The study is devoted to the quadrature components (quantum continuous...

  • Review Surface-Enhanced Fluorescence

    14 mars 2008 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    Emmanuel Fort and Samuel Grésillon recently published a very nice and complete review on surface-enhanced fluorescence. Highly recommended ! Fluorescence is widely used in optical devices, microscopy imaging, biology, medical research and diagnosis. Improving...

  • Charting a course for a (successful?) research career

    17 octobre 2011 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    Found that e-book free online, might be of interest for PhD students / young postdocs: Charting a Course for a Successful Research Career - 2nd edition by Prof. Alan M Johnson As researchers operate in a progressively competitive research environment,...

  • Upcoming publication : review on biophotonics applications of nanoapertures

    16 mars 2007 ( #Recent research work )

    Nanometric apertures in a metallic film are easy to produce, robust and highly reproducible nanophotonic devices that possess a number of desirable properties for biophotonics. In a special issue of the International Journal of Materials and Product Technology,...

  • Optics eLearning

    25 janvier 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    I would like to support here a link to Marcel Leutenegger’s webpages on facilities towards optics learning and teaching. Very nice videos introducing the principles of image formation are available (to watch the videos, you’ll need a DivX decoder, see...

  • Winter 2007 article selection

    26 décembre 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    As member of the OMNT “materials and components for optics” committee, I regularly give a selection and a brief description of articles, that I found particularly relevant to the field. Here is my latest selection : " Nano-optics from sensing to waveguiding";...

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