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  • CMOS-compatible all-dielectric metalens for improving pixel photodetector arrays

    14 décembre 2020

    The ability to design light concentrators directly integrated on a chip is an issue in many applications of optics. Published recently in APL Photonics, we have developed a CMOS compatible metasurface lens based on the index profiles derived from the...

  • Aleksandr Barulin successfully defended his PhD

    14 décembre 2020

    After a 3-year endeavour, Aleksandr Barulin defended his PhD on Dec 4th 2020. Thesis committee: - Thomas Ebbesen, ISIS, Université de Strasbourg, France, President - Niek van Hulst, ICFO-Institut de Ciences Fotoniques, Spain, Reviewer - Christian Eggeling,...

  • Quantifying the Role of the Surfactant and the Thermophoretic Force in Plasmonic Nano-optical Trapping

    04 janvier 2021

    Plasmonic nano-optical trapping has revolutionized the use of optical tweezers, and a lot of attention has been devoted to the optical gradient force. However, the metal absorbs part of the incident light, leading to a temperature gradient responsible...

  • Jerome Wenger among the world's top 2% of researchers in optics and nanosciences

    11 février 2021

    An international study entitled "updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators" recently measured the impact of scientific citations. 160,000 scientists -corresponding to the world's top 2% in their respective fields- have...

  • Plasmonic nano-optical trap stiffness measurements and design optimization

    24 février 2021

    Plasmonic nano-optical tweezers offers unprecedented abilities to manipulate nano-objects. However, measuring the trap stiffness at nanoscale dimensions remains a technical challenge, and as a consequence, very few reports have explored plasmonic designs...

  • Complete Electromagnetic Dyadic Green Function Characterization in a Complex Environment—Resonant Dipole-Dipole Interaction and Cooperative Effects

    09 avril 2021

    The Green function plays a central role in wave propagation, as it describes the response of a system to an arbitrary impulse. However, measuring it experimentally is very challenging since it needs to be measured in both amplitude and phase with deep...

  • Youtube video: nanophotonic structures to enhance fluorescence spectroscopy

    11 avril 2018

    From the Ecole de Physique des Houches Fluorescence markers for advanced microscopy Jerome Wenger, Marseille

  • Happy New Research 2019!

    07 janvier 2019

    I just have one wish: spend more time doing research Uploaded by natalie herring on 2009-08-01.

  • Deep Punj's thesis online

    25 février 2015

    Optical antennas for single molecule fluorescence detection at physiological concentration Free download at tel-01119033v1

  • Fabry de Gramont SFO prize awarded to Jerome Wenger

    08 juillet 2015

    From the official terms: "the Fabry - de Gramont award of the French Optical Society acknowledges a young researcher (under 40) internationally recognized and whose research has been noted for its quality and originality". It's a great honour to become...

  • Slides: Concentrating Light at the Nanoscale, Plasmonics and Nano-Optics

    10 juillet 2015

    Had a verynice interaction with the audience this morning at the European Summer School on the Physics of Light in Strasbourg. My slides can be found here: Concentrating Light at the Nanoscale, Plasmonics and Nano-Optics

  • New team members

    28 septembre 2015

    Stephanie Vial joins the team to work on the ERC Proof of Concept grant and develop the chemical synthesis and functionalisation for our new biosensing platform. Youri Berrahal joins the team to work on the ERC Proof of Concept grant and develop the optical...

  • ERC Consolidator Project Funded!

    17 novembre 2016

    Thanks to the ERC for empowering the scientists to follow their dreams. Thanks to the panel members for their confidence. Thanks to my colleagues for their support. Freedom is to be true to one’s dreams. We are going to make this vision a scientific...

  • Comments on fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy in a nanoaperture

    05 janvier 2007 ( #Recent research work )

    A point that is always missed by readers of peer-reviewed articles is the discussion with referees, which I believe often contains interesting comments and should somehow be available to the scientific community. To (locally) correct for this, I give...

  • Latest (collaboration) article published

    18 janvier 2007 ( #Recent research work )

    Title : Single-scattering theory of light diffraction by a circular subwavelength aperture in a finitely conducting screen Authors : Evgeny Popov, Michel Nevière, Anne Sentenac, Nicolas Bonod, Anne-Laure Fehrembach, Jérome Wenger, Pierre-François Lenne,...

  • Training periods and PhD positions in optics & biophotonics

    21 janvier 2007 ( #Recent research work )

    The Mosaic group at the Institut Fresnel offers training periods for graduate students in optics and photonics. PhD positions are also available based on the different internship subjects, depending on the applicant’s profile and fundings. More information...

  • US-French collaboration

    06 février 2007 ( #Recent research work )

    For two weeks, we’ll be welcoming at Marseille Prof. Steve Blair and Colby Wilson from Utah University ( Salt Lake City, ). We also welcome Mr Farhad Madhavi for three months. This is part of an ongoing international collaboration funded by NSF international...

  • Cells under the nanospotlight : latest publication

    19 février 2007 ( #Recent research work )

    Our latest publication has been released in the February edition of the Biophysical Journal : J. Wenger, F. Conchonaud, J. Dintinger, L. Wawrezinieck, T.W. Ebbesen, H. Rigneault, D. Marguet, et P.-F. Lenne, Diffusion analysis within single nanometric...

  • Upcoming publication : review on biophotonics applications of nanoapertures

    16 mars 2007 ( #Recent research work )

    Nanometric apertures in a metallic film are easy to produce, robust and highly reproducible nanophotonic devices that possess a number of desirable properties for biophotonics. In a special issue of the International Journal of Materials and Product Technology,...

  • PhD in France…

    14 juillet 2007 ( #Recent research work )

    I often get applications from students wishing to start a PhD in France . Therefore, I think it’s necessary to clarify the eligibility conditions for a PhD funding grant from the French ministry of research (the standard grant in France, but there exist...

  • PhD Thesis Quantum Optics

    22 décembre 2006 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    A copy of my PhD thesis can be downloaded here (supervisor Philippe Grangier). This work aims at exploiting the quantum properties of light in order to develop new communication devices. The study is devoted to the quadrature components (quantum continuous...

  • Autumn 2006 article selection

    09 janvier 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    As member of the OMNT “materials and components for optics” committee, I regularly give a selection and a brief description of articles, that I found particularly relevant to the field. Here is my latest selection : "Creating hot nanoparticle pairs for...

  • Optics eLearning

    25 janvier 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    I would like to support here a link to Marcel Leutenegger’s webpages on facilities towards optics learning and teaching. Very nice videos introducing the principles of image formation are available (to watch the videos, you’ll need a DivX decoder, see...

  • Quantum optics movie

    31 janvier 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    An amazing video found on Google : Young’s double slit experiment explained in a classical and in a quantum world. It's worth having a look ! Note : it's seems the link doesn't...

  • Review Nanoholes

    10 avril 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    Drilling holes of nanometric dimensions in a metal film is a way conceptually simple to realize new nanophotonic components. In spite of its visible simplicity, a hole drilled in an opaque screen still inspires new perspectives of applications. In a review...

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