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  • Charting a course for a (successful?) research career

    17 octobre 2011 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    Found that e-book free online, might be of interest for PhD students / young postdocs: Charting a Course for a Successful Research Career - 2nd edition by Prof. Alan M Johnson As researchers operate in a progressively competitive research environment,...

  • Rejection rate at CLEO Europe EQEC

    09 mars 2015

    As we had a large number of submitted abstracts but a limited number of slots at the conference, the selection process was very fierce. About 50% of abstracts could be selected for talks, 25% for poster and unfortunately we had to reject about 25% of...

  • Invited Talks 2016

    10 février 2016

    In addition to the Benasque NanoLight2016 conference, meet Jerome and get our latest results on optical nanoantennas for fluorescence enhancement at the following conferences (invited talks): - European Materials Research Society EMRS Spring Meeting,...

  • [Edit] Wenger on defeat, discipline, Barcelona

    25 février 2016

    Arsene Wenger speaks about Barcelona: "They are better than us, everybody knows that, but I think we could’ve won the game tonight if we kept the discipline until the end." Obviously thinking about ICFO, wasn't he? Let's follow coach Wenger's advice....

  • End of year thinking: stay true to yourself

    21 décembre 2016

    Good period to take some distance from our daily routine and think about ourselves. But who are we by the way? True individuals or mirrors of somebody else? Think of it, and til next time, live like a nanopirate! Warning: the video below is giving the...

  • Fresnel diffraction experiment 1/7: official trailer

    24 janvier 2020

    Is there light in the center of a shadow from a black disk? What is the shadow of a hole milled in an opaque screen? Can adding light to light create darkness? The Institut Fresnel releases a series of short videos answering various questions about light...

  • FCS is an art

    27 juillet 2015


  • NanoRodzzz

    30 octobre 2015

    Custom design for PHOCCS ERC project. Made @ Fresnel.

  • Johann Berthelot joins the ERC team

    06 novembre 2015

    Since the beginning of November, Johann Berthelot (formerly at ICFO in Romain Quidant's group) has joined the team to work on the ERC ExtendFRET project and develop new optical read-out for enhanced molecular energy transfer.

  • Johann Berthelot receives Marie Curie fellowship

    25 janvier 2016

    Congratulation Johann for this excellent result!

  • Tips for writing an ERC proposal

    02 février 2016

    The most complete set of advice is found on Prof. Andreas Zeller's excellent post. Additionally, the EPFL research office has released a very useful pdf document to help during ERC proposal writing. Both highly recommended!

  • Carnival in the lab

    29 février 2016

    A freshly shaved CNRS researcher in shirt, a nano space pirate and doughnuts... mmm... lots of doughnuts!!

  • New website for Institut Fresnel

    12 mai 2016

    The new website for Institut Fresnel has just been released: We are still working on writing some parts, so apologies for any inconvenience. Hope you will enjoy this version.

  • Celebrating the 10 years of ERC

    15 mars 2017

    Many things change in ten years, the thirst for discovery remains. More links on CNRS celebrating the ERC here and on the ERC grantees within CNRS.

  • MOSAIC publications

    17 avril 2007 ( #Recent research work )

    The Mosaic group website at the Fresnel Institute has been updated, with free (electronic reprint) access to our recent publications

  • Happy winter break

    26 décembre 2007 ( #Recent research work )

    Best wishes

  • SPP3 conference June 2007

    01 mars 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    I will attend to the next SPP meeting to be held in Dijon ( France ) next June. In an oral contribution, I shall present our recent results towards the application of nanometric apertures in a gold film to biophotonics applications. Link to SPP3 meeting...

  • Now reading...

    27 avril 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    After the Born & Wolf “Principles of Optics”, here is the “Principles of Nano-optics”, a very well-written textbook reviewing many aspects of nanophotonics by Lukas Novotny and Bert Hecht. Highly recommended !! Click here to read the table of contents...

  • Next meeting : BCP Marseille Dec 03rd

    22 novembre 2007 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    Scientific meeting of Marseille’s community of biologists, chemists and physicists. The webpage is somehow difficult to find so here a direct link :

  • Dark Side of the Lab

    12 janvier 2007 ( #Fancy lab )

    Some other views of the experimental setup, but in the dark ! Laser powers are about 10mW, camera integration time is 3s.

  • Introducing Emeline Wenger-Lehnert

    03 avril 2007 ( #Fancy lab )

    I’ve been quite away from the blog (and the lab!) during the last few days… My daughter Emeline was born March 17th. She’s discovering pretty well her new world, as I am learning my new job of being father.

  • SPP3 conference (off)

    25 juin 2007 ( #Fancy lab )

    When wine tasting meets plasmonics…

  • Summer time

    07 septembre 2007 ( #Fancy lab )

    OK, nothing really new on this blog for quite a while… Ah, summer time, “perfect-time-to-get-research-done”, and so few new findings by the end of it. At least, I perfected my knowledge about the carrying babies stuff, and increased by left forearm muscles...

  • First book on diffraction

    07 janvier 2008 ( #Nanophotonics pick )

    World’s first published studies on optical diffraction dating back to 1664, where the word “diffraction” itself was introduced for the first time. The original text is downloadable for free at the French National Library website

  • Mosaic Fellows

    14 mars 2008 ( #Fancy lab )

    Some pics of Mosaic colleagues in action ! Dr. Hervé Rigneault Dr. Pierre-François Lenne Dr. Patrick Ferrand

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